We can help you avoid Probate and expenses related to Probate by creating a Revocable Living Trust for you.

Avoidance of Probate is the most common reason voiced by individuals who utilize a Trust rather than a Will to disburse their assets at their death.  However, there are other reasons why a Trust may be preferred to a Will; such as, privacy, no immediate family to inherit, out-of-state real estate, tax savings, minor or disabled beneficiaries.  Trusts can be used by individuals or married couples.  Although Trusts cost more to establish, at your death a Trust Administration can save you costs and fees.

Often times Trusts are established and funded prior to death to avoid the Probate procedure. The most common Trust, a Revocable Living Trust, is a Trust document that can be created to hold your assets while you are living and then transfer your asset upon your death.  Even upon death your assets can stay in trust for your beneficiary’s health, education, maintenance and support.  You can make provisions as to when your beneficiary receives your assets.

Although a trust may avoid probate, there are legal issues that need to be addressed.  Contacting an attorney at death is recommended to ensure the right steps are taken in the administrative process.

Regardless of whether the decedent dies with a Will, a Trust, or intestate (without a Will), The Law Office of Jane L. Walker can help you through the process.

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