My Mom just died owning a house and other assets. Our Dad predeceased our Mom. She did not have a Trust. We think she may have had a Will. What do we do now?

The funeral and burial should be attended to.  If your Mom had a Will, her nominated Personal Representative may know where the Will is.  The Will should be guarded for safekeeping until the death certificates arrive.  Since your Mom did not have a Trust, a Probate proceeding needs to be started whether she has a Will or not.  A Probate proceeding starts with the filing of the original Will, or a statement that you can’t find one, a death certificate and many Court forms.  Although an Attorney is not required to go through the Probate process, it is at this time that we recommend the nominated Personal Representative or one of the children if there is not a Will seek the assistance of a Probate Attorney.

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