I would like to take the time to thank the entire staff at the Law Office of Jane L. Walker. First and foremost, my mother and I were under some very difficult circumstances with the hospitalization of my father and his serious spinal cord injury. The entire staff was very empathetic and showed unusual concern for our circumstance. When I mean the entire staff, I mean everyone from Attorney Jane L. Walker to the Assistant to the Senior Legal Assistant.

We experienced some filing difficulties with our application for Title 19, and they took on this process like it was their own family member. I was totally kept in the loop as to what and why we were having this issue. After many phone calls and the continued efforts on the entire staff we finally reached a final and successful resolution.

The only statement I can make is that while dealing with this difficult issue I always felt that the entire staff was not going to ever give up and that the only alternative was to reach a successful resolution.

In closing I would highly recommend the Law Office of Jane L. Walker and STAFF as they take a sincere concern not only in the issue at hand but for the clients they represent.

– Bob 03/24/2017