The Law Office of Jane L. Walker focuses its legal practice with an emphasis on issues that affect the growing aging population and their unique needs.  We can help you plan for your older years. Why choose Attorney Jane L. Walker?


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A very close family member passed away, and I was named the estate’s Personal Representative. Originally, I thought I might be able to research and navigate the probate system on my own. There was also an abundance of “free advice” being offered by family and friends. I soon became very overwhelmed and contacted the Law Office of Jane L. Walker.

At my very first consultation with Jane, I learned that there was a situation with the desired allocation of estate assets that required special attention. I learned that my elderly parents could have compromised their Medicaid look back period and future nursing home coverage. I learned that each estate and its family dynamics are unique. Instantly, I knew that Jane’s years of knowledge would guide my family effortlessly through this process.

I am thankful and appreciative for the knowledge, communication, and friendliness that Jane and her staff provided to my family during a difficult time in our lives.

– Ann 11/28/2015