Choose Your Attorney Wisely!

Why Choose Attorney Jane L. Walker?

It is important to have an experienced Attorney who will give your case the detailed attention it deserves. The entire staff at the Law Office of Jane L. Walker recognizes the intimidation involved in finding the right Lawyer. Attorney Walker has had her own private practice for 30 years and has handled a variety of legal matters.  The primary focus areas of the practice are Elder Law, Estate Planning and Trust and Probate Administration.  Her past experiences have broadened her experience as an Attorney and given her a deeper understanding of human nature, the profound impact conflict and hardship have and of the need for economical resolutions.

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The Law Office of Jane L. Walker is available to counsel families to avoid trouble in troubled times.  Attorney Jane L. Walker can help you prepare for death or incapacity.  We help families protect and preserve their assets.  We recommend preparing documents in advance of one’s incapacity that appoint a person of your choice to handle your financial and medical affairs.  If those documents have not been prepared, we can handle the court proceeding necessary to appoint someone to make those decisions.  After death, we assist with the transfer of assets through Probate or Trust Administration.

Attorney Walker has the flexibility, dedication and experience to handle any challenge, no matter how simple or complicated the case becomes. Her clients receive her personal attention and an explanation of their options in “plain English.”

Whether you are interested in Estate Planning, buying or selling your home or suddenly faced with an injury, caring for a family member or the death of a family member, let Attorney Walker advise you of your options so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Why Choose Attorney Jane L. Walker for your Will or Trust?

Not all Wills and Trusts are created equal, and not every Attorney has a focus on Estate Planning. Due to her many years of experience in Probate Administration, Attorney Jane L. Walker has worked with hundreds of Wills, written by individuals and other Attorneys. She has seen first hand what works, and what does not work in carrying out the decedent’s last wishes. Attorneys who do not handle Probate or Trust Administration never see the Wills and Trusts they write go through the entire process. Attorney Jane L. Walker can handle the entire process from creating an Estate Plan, to seeing them implemented. Her vital, critical experience helps her clients in preparing Estate Plans that not only look good on paper, but also work the way they were intended.

Why Choose Attorney Jane L. Walker for Probate Administration?

When a family member or loved one dies, dealing with the assets and bills can be overwhelming while you are grieving and planning a funeral.  Helping people and families through these difficult times requires a deep knowledge in a number of areas: Tax, Real Estate, Guardianship, Special Needs Trusts … as well as a deep sense of caring.  Attorney Jane L. Walker has helped hundreds of clients, as well as her own family members through after death administration. Before graduating from Marquette Law School, she double majored in finance and real estate at UW Madison.  Attorney Jane L. Walker’s experience and compassion set the standard allowing her to provide caring service in Probate Administration.

Why Choose Attorney Jane L. Walker for Elder Law?

Attorney Jane L. Walker has been helping to care for the elderly since before she finished law school. Starting at age 22, and continuing for 6 years, she coordinated 24-hour care for her Great Aunt, planning her meals, taking care of her home, medical needs, and finally, sitting with her when she died.  Jane and her family assisted her elderly in-laws with a variety of issues so they could stay in their home.  Attorney Jane L. Walker can help you with the challenges of providing Elder Care.

I used the Law Office of Jane L. Walker from 1-13-14 until 9-30-15 for all legal work needed, first in dealing with my brother’s death and then with my mother’s affairs until her death on 12-18-14 and beyond. All of the people in Jane’s office were first of all so nice and second very professional. They helped me through some trying times including, but not only, getting Medicaid so my mother could be placed in a nursing home, but all of her affairs after her death. Also, all of my brother’s affairs after his unexpected death. One example: Jane herself went to my mother’s doctor’s office and waited to see the doctor to get some important forms signed. Not many lawyers would do that. Wow!

– Gregg 09/29/2015